Proxy Voting Guidelines and Procedures of the Guild and the Club
Annual General Meeting

In order to facilitate smooth running of the Annual General Meeting of the Guild and the Club, the Executive Council decides that any Paid Up Ordinary Member of the Guild and Member of the Club, who wishes to delegate another qualified Member to vote for them at the Annual General Meeting in their absence, shall fill in an original proxy voting form with authorized stamp issued by the Guild Office. All qualified Members may obtain the original proxy forms by submitting a written request to the Guild Office by mail. Only original proxy forms bearing the authorized stamps issued by the Guild Office shall be valid. Any photocopies of proxy forms would be invalid.


Members should also pay attention to the provisions of Rules 18(c) and 18(d) of the Guild Rules.


Should you have any queries in regard to this arrangement, please contact the Guild.


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Chung Tung Tong

General Secretary









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