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To members:

Our new gym room on 10/F Alliance Building Sheung Wan will be officially open from 7th September, 2021. All interested members of Guild and Club shall return a completed application form together with the Gym Room User Undertaking Form and the Physical Activities Readiness Questionnaire to the Gym Room or Guild’s Office for registration. At the time of registration, applicants are required to produce their identity documents and member card for verification. Each user needs to purchase an admission ticket or package ticket for every time enter to the Gym Room. The price of admission ticket per entry is HKD$20 and package ticket is HKD$200 for 10 tickets and get 1 extra entry for free.

Every Monday evening of September, Mr. Ng, Consultant of Gym Room, will provide a series of training course to all members. The elementary bodybuilding training course will take place on 13th September, from 6:00pm to7:30pm, as an introduction for the proper ways to use fitness equipment and basic knowledge of bodybuilding. Group theme exercise will be provided on the consecutive Mondays for correlating workouts targeting each muscle group. Bodybuilding lessons are free of charge to each member who has purchased an admission ticket. Interested members please make reservation through Guild’s Office.

For details and enrollment: 2545 8269

Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild – Hong Kong





To all fellow members and seafarers:

On July 29 (Wednesday), the government announced a new policy that all crew change arrangement for passenger vessels and cargo vessels without cargo operation in Hong Kong would be suspended. Both Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild – Hong Kong and the Amalgamated Union of Seafarers, Hong Kong strongly opposed to the related decision made by the government. Towards the situation, we urged the government to review the policy and propose an appropriate testing and quarantine arrangement for seafarers promptly. Our statement to the authorities is attached for member’s review.

The Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild-Hong Kong

The Amalgamated Union of Seafarers, Hong Kong

The Proposal for the Amendment of Guild Rules

All Ordinary Members of the Guild are welcome to comment on the following proposal before 4th May 2020.

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Research on the Impacts of Marine Autonomous Surface Ship on the Seafarer’s Career and MET

by:  Shanghai Maritime University

Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild – Hong Kong

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The $100 million Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) approved by the Legislative Council in January 2014 came into operation on 1 April 2014. In May 2019, $200 million was approved to be injected into the MATF to sustain and enhance existing training schemes and scholarships, as well for launching new initiatives for the maritime and aviation sectors. The aim is to build up in due course a vibrant, diversified and competitive pool of professionals and technical personnel to support Hong Kong’s future development in the two sectors.

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